Tips, Web Design


  1. It is an opportunity for self-employment with no time bounds; a designer can work at their convenient time.
  2. Website design has place mobility which is solely dependent on the availability of internet; it can be done from anywhere.
  3. It is a well-paying venture, depending on an individual’s skill and competence.
  4. Website design provides a world of opportunities for jobs in various industries; it does not confine an individual to any particular business type.
  5. It is a great employment opportunity with limited requirements. All it takes is ones hard work and risk taking ability.
  6. Website design is a business from which one can receive instant feedback. This is evident from the level of visitor interaction on the site.



  1. The nature of website design work requires the designer to sit for long hours in front of a computer. This gives rise to fatigue and other health risks.
  2. Unlike conventional jobs, website design has no time frame, and hence it may be required of a designer to work at odd hours to service the ever impatient clients.
  3. Learning for website designers is endless. This is as a result of the ever changing internet technologies. An individual must seek always to be up to speed with the trends and coding updates.
  4. Multitasking is a mandatory skill that is necessary for website design. This is true since the designer works on various projects from a wide scope of industries.
  5. The content of the work done by designers may not always be interesting. Certain jobs may be downright boring, but they must be done.


Tips, Web Design


The features of a web design business can be discussed in the below categories;

  1. Mobile compatibility.
  2. Accessibility.
  3. Organization.
  4. Formatting.
  5. Loading time.
  6. Browser consistency.
  7. Navigation.
  8. Markups and code.
  9. Color schemes.


  1. Mobile compatibility

Mobile compatibility refers to the ability to access your website on mobile platforms, including all handheld devices like tablet and Smartphone. With the increasing use of mobile devices to access the internet services, it is therefore important for the website you develop to be support access by mobile devices. Mobile compatibility can be achieved by making the website responsive to any device used to access it. Mobile compatibility of a website is also important in making it rank highly among search engines.


  1. Accessibility

Any website design need to address different client needs, including the needs for the elderly, blind and the physically disabled. The website should therefore support different ways of information access; including text and audio assistance. It should also allow for magnification of content where necessary. Specific website techniques must be employed to ensure the website can be accessed by on-screen readers and to as many other individuals as possible.


  1. Organization

In this case, the organization of a website is discussed in the context of website content’s presentation and layout. Well presented webpage and content makes it easy for website visitors to easily navigate through the website. Website organization should also focus on proper categorization of content for easy access by its target users.


  1. Formatting

Formatting involves the appropriate use of titles, subtitles, paragraphs, bullets and lists to subdivide webpage text; for easy reading. More often than not, website visitors do not go through a whole text line or text blocks to determine its relevance to their subject of interest. For this reason, Websites need to be designed in a way that ensures its visitors can skim through text and pick out vital information at a glance.


  1. Loading time

Loading time refers to the amount of time it takes for a website visitor to access a website, from the time they initiate a website access request to actual time they are able to access the website. Most website visitors cancel website access requests due to the slow loading speed of the site. Website design needs to ensure that it’s a standard loading time preferably 4-6 seconds. Loading time has been proven to be one of the main contributing factors to the effective usability of a website.


  1. Browser consistency

Browser consistency is the identical appearance of a website as interpreted by different browsers. A professionally designed website must exhibit consistency across major browsers such as Firefox, opera, chrome and internet explorer.


  1. Navigation

Navigation defines the ease with which a user can work through a website. It includes navigation menu, internal linking, means of content exploration, headers and footers and search features.


  1. Markup and code

There are standard practices of website design which must be adhered to by designers to ensure a robust and dependable website. These practices ensure the website can load faster and is consistent in appearance across the leading browsers. Further, the stipulated practices enable easy location and troubleshooting when necessary.


  1. Color schemes

A suitable contrast between the websites background and the contents is an essential detail that must not be overlooked in website design. A good contrast makes the content of the website legible and easy to read.

Web Design

The general definition of a business is an entity which provides goods and services to consumers in exchange for money, other goods and services (batter trade) or other forms of exchange that have intrinsic monetary value. Web design as a business defines the creation of websites for clients at a fee which is agreed upon by the designer and the client. A website design business is a self-employment opportunity which allows an individual the liberty of working from the comfort of their homes. It is a highly profitable business venture and requires one to answer questions on;

  1. The type of software and hardware one requires when starting the business.
  2. The means of obtaining a stable clientele and the most suitable means of handling communication with the clients.
  3. The need of contracts, and if need be, the terms of the contract.
  4. How one ensures they get paid at a rate proportionate to the job done
  5. For one to ensure maximum profitability while running a web design business they must offer premium services to the best customers.

To avoid overworking yourself while running a web design business, you need to know the following;

  • The basic principles of the business
  • How to decide upon the type of work to take up including work on bidding sites, cold call or work on your site
  • Effective communication with clients; involves taking care not to give unnecessary information, and the timing of your communication to your clients.
  • Fee structure (Charging rates) for the services offered.
  • l How to venture into other sub-branches of design including logo design, marketing services, and print design as a way to expand your business.
  • Deciding upon a field to specialize in. Making a decision on your web design niche or scope is essential in branding the business.