3 Great Tips For Logo Creation

Web design is always about being unique while giving your customers exactly what they need. Sometimes when you are starting a business, you face design issues where you need to be unique when choosing a logo for your company. Of course, you can always hire a professional designer to animate your ideas and offer but if you want to keep things on a budget, as well as to try your logo designing skills, keep reading this short article where I will give few tips for logo creation.

Know What You Offer With Logo


You need to understand your brand and its ideology. The logo is not just an image that represents your company but rather a perfect shape of your thoughts, plans and actions that you and your colleagues share and strive to. Be sure to check your competitors for a hint, but stay within your unique graphic representation to support your service and product. You can look at Wikipedia’s logo – it is a simple incomplete sphere covered in puzzle pieces with various glyphs from common languages. The key is in simplicity that represents the field of your work in combination with catchy detail that points to your purpose and ability to prove the level of quality you offer. Hard to explain using words but the point is evident.

Match All Colors Well On Your Logo


Brand’s personality, but also its purpose at the same time, dictates the color set. Your background, headings, text, or buttons should match with the theme and other colors you set; generally, more than 70% of users focus attention to colors and the design of the website they visit. Bright colors are often more appealing but not appropriate for every niche. The psychology of colors in logo design explains how logo colors affect users. For example, the green color is perfect for websites that are related to the organic growth of plants, or to tutoring or tutorial workshops. If you want to design something that is out of the box,  the perfect balance of colors is what you need to achieve in the first place when it comes to logo creation.

Understand The Rarity Of Your Brand

What does distinguish CocaCola among other brands? Their unique name, so they created a uniquely rare font and wrote CocaCola. When you work with generic names, you don’t have that freedom. However, you can use already designed fonts, combine it with negative space to achieve unique design for your logo. If you want to be 100% authentic, then you should create your font and tweak it, combine with picture and inspire people to get what they need from you.