The Latest Adobe Photoshop Release With Cool Features

Adobe Photoshop has been representing the number one place in the category of the best web design software for the past 10 years. It is software that is used largely in web design, digital art, and general image editing. Thomas and John Knoll back in 1988 created this piece of art that became one of the best tools for raster graphics. Its use of layers allows you create more depth in the editing process, which enables you to produce about anything when combined with the right tools. The file extension is .PSD (Photoshop Document) and each file can contain up to 30,000, whereas the size of the file cannot exceed 2 gigabytes.

What are the Adobe Photoshop Updates?

These updates are like any other updates for applications and software. They are simple features that make the overall graphic-design experience better with the exception that you will not be able to use them if you don’t have a genuine license for Adobe Photoshop.

Since digital art has been advancing, Photoshop has an ace in its sleeve every year when it comes to new updates and features. The latest version has to offer few updates so let’s check these out.

OpenType Variable Font Support

This feature comes in handy especially when you work on your unique style of font. OpenType font format supports the following attributes: weight, width, slant, and optical size among other. What it means is that you easily customize the style of the font by a simple move of sliders. The feature spices up the whole thing, creating room for unique style and design, enhanced by your font. It can be a bit confusing to beginners, but it is worth learning so you could make your style.

Three New Brush Control Updates

Pulled string mode

Pulled string mode is the first feature that might be very useful when you need to paint a straight line. The painting works only when the string is straight or tight while smoothing radius leaves flawless lines.

Stroke catch up

This feature has not been seen earlier – it continues to paint in the direction where your cursor is even when you stop your cursor. You can disable this feature but not that the painting stops as soon as you stop the cursor.

Catch up on Stroke End

It paints from the point where you clicked to the point where you have released the mouse button. Showed great usefulness for quick sketch ups and drafts.

Editing 360-degree content

We will close this article with one of the coolest updates in PS franchise. You can write your panoramic photos, work on motion and interactive design and create super cool 3D images that will blow your mind!