The Main Difference Between Web design And Web Development

As someone who understands the web design, I feel like I have a duty to explain the difference between these, often mistaken, two completely different things. When I need to explain someone who is not familiar with web world what I do for a living, I usually say that I am a web designer. But when I talk to a someone who is a part of the web industry, a web designer is not a precise keyword to describe my work. Each website has two parts – graphical and developmental and I will clarify these things a bit better so you could differ web design from web development.

What Does Web Design Represent?

As you know the word “design”, you could get a hint of what we are speaking about here. This term refers to a process of graphics editing of a website. The colors, background, buttons, pages, posts and many other things are part of web designing process. A good web designer knows what colors to pick for different buttons or actions, how to design user interface (UI) that will enable a functional interaction between the website and potential customers.

Web Development As The Skeleton For Website

It is a background part of a website, technically speaking. Web development splits in two parts – front-end development and back-end development. Depending on the type of website, it can happen that you don’t even need a back-end-development. It is often the case with simple websites or blogs.


It is associated with the visual look of the website. The visual designer (or front-end-developer) who works on a website needs to use HTML language to edit the structure of the website, CSS to set visual layout and Javascript for more complex operations and features.


The focus of BED is to deal with complex programming, ensuring the functionality of the website, or creating scripts that perform a certain action. For example, a back-end-developer may have to create a shopping cart on the website and connect it to online payment systems.

Blurring the line

People often make mistake when they speak about web design, forgetting the difference between these two things. There is a strict line between visual and under-the-hood part of website development.  However, in practical terms, back and front-end developers work together on creating a stunning website and sometimes they mix their job duties in order to launch a flawless website that serves its customers.