Tips For Adobe Illustrator Beginners

Vector graphics editing is not always easy and fun but Adobe Illustrator has been one of my favorite apps for vector graphics, especially when sketching up the logo or even creating it completely. It is a very demanding software in terms of knowledge, taking you a lot of time for learning (for me, Photoshop is far easier to learn). No need to say that you MUST sign up for a certified course if you want to learn vector graphics and how to use Adobe Illustrator; I’m giving you here simple tips that you should utilize in the process of learning and creating your logo.

Practice With Pen Tool

As it was to me in the beginning, the pen tool can be a bit confusing and boring to a beginner. Taking the time to master this tool gives you endless possibilities for creating almost you have on your mind. You can still work on your graphic without using this tool (yes, you can!) but way better things can be performed with this fantastic Illustrator’s tool.

Get Familiar With Clipping Masks

Opacity masks and clipping masks must be mastered in order to reach the maximum potential of your work; you will often face situations when clients want a change. You make a change, and then he suddenly decides to go with the previous version of the graphic. Clipping masks make sure you group a certain area of a drawing and make changes, and then hide it if necessary; in a nutshell. They save time incredibly.

Master The Appearance Panel

Once you learn how to use the Appearance panel, you will not duplicate the same shapes to add different fills on top of each other. This panel was a bit complicated when it was implemented but over the time, users embraced it and used the maximum potential out of it. Using only one shape, you can create kiwi for example. That is the power of this panel.

Experiment With Patterns

The process of pattern creation is fun even to rookies designers who have not had many chances to work with patterns. Patterns give the overall look more complexity with the textures that you can create and apply. A lot of pattern tutorials have been made so you will not lack any material.

Keep Practicing With Logo Creation

Every work becomes more natural after you master it. To learn something, you need to understand it and repeat until you can convey the message and achieve the ability to transfer it to someone else. It is the same with logo creation – keep practicing until you understand how to create a perfect logo for your company that attracts people and keeps their attention.