Web Design — Pros & Cons


  1. It is an opportunity for self-employment with no time bounds; a designer can work at their convenient time.
  2. Website design has place mobility which is solely dependent on the availability of internet; it can be done from anywhere.
  3. It is a well-paying venture, depending on an individual’s skill and competence.
  4. Website design provides a world of opportunities for jobs in various industries; it does not confine an individual to any particular business type.
  5. It is a great employment opportunity with limited requirements. All it takes is ones hard work and risk taking ability.
  6. Website design is a business from which one can receive instant feedback. This is evident from the level of visitor interaction on the site.


  1. The nature of website design work requires the designer to sit for long hours in front of a computer. This gives rise to fatigue and other health risks.
  2. Unlike conventional jobs, website design has no time frame, and hence it may be required of a designer to work at odd hours to service the ever impatient clients.
  3. Learning for website designers is endless. This is as a result of the ever changing internet technologies. An individual must seek always to be up to speed with the trends and coding updates.
  4. Multitasking is a mandatory skill that is necessary for website design. This is true since the designer works on various projects from a wide scope of industries.
  5. The content of the work done by designers may not always be interesting. Certain jobs may be downright boring, but they must be done.