Which Color Should You Choose For Your Website?

When it comes to choosing a good color scheme for your website, things can be a little bit tricky. For a skilled designer, there will be no hassle about the colors, but beginners could stumble upon one of the first problems in the process of website creation. There two outcomes in choosing the right colors for the right niche: It is either a beautiful sight that is appealing to your eyes, user-friendly and appealing to look, or an unbalanced mix of different colors that do not match and make everything look messy and unprofessional.

Different niches have different colors


You will never see any gaming website that has a pink theme or that is significantly painted in pink color. Some things don’t go together, and you need to learn to spot things like that. This is something that comes in as a feeling after many websites that you create. For a gaming site for example, a great background color could be a variation of black color, painted with a unique white brush, rounded with a space-futuristic theme that reflects the technology and gaming world news of the website. For eco-friendly sites, the combination of green and white is a perfect score that keeps user’s attention and initiates the potential client.

Choosing the right dominant and background color

The right dominant color on your website or logo ensures you are doing the good design. The dominant color represents your emotion that is behind the work or product you offer. Also, it needs to provoke an action from the user that is visiting your site and therefore, the action buttons should be painted in the dominant color of your website. The background color should relax but also match with the niche of your website and the product you are offering. Of course, take into account that you have to be very careful when it comes to e-commerce sites. E-commerce site requires a bit different approach, which I will explain in one of my upcoming articles.

Always Have A Peek Onto Your Competitors


All designers regularly look for ideas in other places, so why shouldn’t you? Do not be a plagiarist and copy color code from a competitor’s site but rather a designer that knows how to redesign. Sometimes a little bit of redesign can make a huge difference.